My name is Faerika Bella, a lifelong lover of music, dance and magick!  

Once upon a time, in the early autumn of 2013, the faeries called me outside to play.  As wild spirits of nature would do, these old childhood friends roused me out of my room, away from my books and into the gorgeous daylight where I would learn to joyfully move and breathe in the fresh air.  In time, my hoop has turned into an unexpected yet life changing tool for self care.  Like a yoga practice, developing greater strength and flexibility is not only experienced in the physical body.  My time in the hoop has taught me that this growth can be experienced on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.  

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As a bodyworker, I see the healing benefits of hoop dance as another powerful form of bodywork where every participant is actively creating their own transformation.  Sharing the magick of hoop dance is an absolute joy for me &  I am pleased to do my part in keeping the creative art of play alive and moving.  I look forward to dancing with you in the circle!