Hoop Dance Parties


(ages 7 & up)

Children are already natural dancers!

Hoop Dance Parties explore the art of prop manipulation, musical connection and vibrant self expression.  Besides the fact that it’s just plain FUN, hoop dance naturally supports the healthy development of motor skills, body awareness, mental focus and creativity for growing children.

Each party begins with an inspiring performance by yours truly.  Afterwards, everyone is invited to grab a hoop, explore different hooping techniques with me and whirl up some creative moves on the dance floor!  Basic core and off body hooping tricks are introduced, reviewed and then playfully integrated into a high energy hoop jam.  

All hoop dance parties are an hour long with a variety of kid friendly music and hoops provided.  Also, these parties require a lot of space for movement and flying hoops! Backyards, parks or large indoor rooms are highly recommended!


Please visit my contact page to party with me!